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What to Post on Instagram 2021: Content Ideas for Businesses

The main pillars of your content strategy
Silvia Teh
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Coming up with Instagram post ideas can be tedious if you don’t know what to post.

We’ve created a list of Instagram content ideas, from fun, informal posts to product-centric ideas that your business can use.

These Instagram post ideas should be sufficient to fill your social media calendar. All you need to do is to replicate the post ideas and schedule the pictures for the subsequent months.

Product Highlights

Highlight your products with Confetto's minimalistic templates

As the title suggests, product highlights are specific features of your product (or service) that you would want to show your followers. Use this to highlight something new you have upcoming or your best seller.

If you're in fashion, these are good for new arrivals and to highlight individual product.
If you're in F&B, use this to highlight the chef's favourite or favourite or to promote specific dishes.

And iIf you're in tech, use this to spotlight features in the product or services on your platform

Posting Frequency : at least once a week


Sales and promotional posts are pretty straightforward, but there are a few ways to go about this. You could include all your promotion details in the picture or simply post product pictures and talk about the deets in the caption, like these:

Confetto's Promotional templates highlight the details of Sale

Promotion teasers are great Instagram business post ideas too! You build suspense, your followers get curious, then they’ll start to anticipate or talk about it with their friends. It’s a simple way to increase engagement while creating maximum impact when the promotion starts.

Another tactic that you may have seen from other businesses (or have even done it yourself) is influencer endorsement. Typically, Each influencer is given a discount code like "SILVIA20". This helps is to track the influencer’s rate of conversion, giving you a measurable metric for evaluation – especially if you wish to work with them again.

Posting frequency: every alternate day of your promotion period


Testimonials are pivotal for businesses, especially if you’re in the line of cosmetics or skincare. People trust people, ordinary people like themselves (unlike influencers), and would be more likely to be convinced by their feedback.

What would be even better is user-generated content (UGC). Second Date Beauty (@secondatebeauty) is a great example.

Social Proofing your account with customer testimonials is a must have

Pro Tip : Always edit UGCs images to match the feed’s overall colour palette. For example, if your brand has a very cool, blue tone, the UGC should match that hue as much as possible.

However, that doesn’t mean you start reposting every single UGC. If you have a handful of them, filter through and see if any pictures go against your brand image. For example, an Instagram account about nutrition wouldn’t use a picture of someone standing in front of Mcdonald’s.

Posting frequency: anytime there’s a quality user-generated content


Being the emotional creatures that we are, quotes are a great way for people to build connection. Don’t we all love a “Me too!” moment or the fire to get work done after reading a motivational quote? That’s exactly what we want your audience to feel too.

Quotes are great gap fillers for your content calendar

Not only does creating inspirational Instagram content take the least time, these posts are also more likely to be shared.

Posting frequency: once or twice a week


Educational posts, to put it simply, are useful content that create value for your followers. The word ‘value’ sounds like a big, scary word, but it really refers to anything that can help and/or teach them.

You can think about these questions when creating educational posts:

  1. What are some features about my product that perhaps my customers don’t know yet?
  2. How can my product solve my customers’ problems?
  3. What are some tips I find useful that I can share with my followers? (It doesn’t have to be directly related to your product. For example, if you’re selling pots and pans, you can offer a kitchen hack.)
  4. What is an insight that I can share that ordinary folks outside of my industry may not know about?
  5. Are there any common mistakes or misconceptions that I can help to clarify?

Make your audience spend more time reading your posts - Instagram values such content

For example, the Australian brand Hero Packaging - (@hero.packaging) champions sustainability by selling compostable packaging. Since they encourage sustainable living, it’s only logical that they also offer their followers some how-to tips, such as how to compost used packages at home. Practical, useful, and in tune with their brand’s mission.

Posting frequency: two to three times a week


This is your “happy new year” or “merry christmas” posts – pretty straightfoward stuff that you don’t have to spend too much effort on. Simply go on to Confetto and choose your desired template, like these:

Keep your holiday wishes on brand

Posting frequency: anytime there is an occasion or event


This is probably the most fun to do. Conversational content for Instagram includes tactics you use to get your followers talking. The most common thing to do is to host a Q&A with your followers (and actually answer their questions or concerns). It could be held as a live session or , through Instagram Story.

But hey, we know not everyone's comfortable being in front of the camera. One convenient way to go about it is to create graphics. Accounts like @cosastrology does an awesome job at this. Simple fill-in-the-blanks can create a handful of responses!

Trivia, Questions, This or That - Encourage comments from your followers

Talking about what’s trending is another type of content that creates conversation. It’s also up to you if you want to talk about the latest iphone or a trend which directly relates to your line of business.

Pro Tip : Always stick to your brand image, even when creating fun and engaging posts. Use Confetto’s content generator to get ideas for more conversational content. Actually these two lines don’t really belong in the same tip. You can decide if you want to have two separate tips, include one of them somewhere else, or to remove the first tip. Get inspired on what conversational content to use for your brand with Confetto's content generator.

Little quizzes & puzzles make it more fun!

Posting frequency: at least twice a week


If writing blog posts is part of your marketing strategy, you’d want people to read them. However, long form content can be quite a dread to read (i know you know). This is exactly why you’d want to highlight some key topic ideas on Instagram to get them curious.

Wrote a long blog article (like this one)? Bring attention to it via your Instagram post

Blog-related content can be in the form of a quote, pointers, a short paragraph, or even a carousel of excerpts. The intention behind it is to nudge your audience to visit your website. You could even pose it as a question. For example, the question you pose on Instagram could be “Do you find yourself procrastinating for hours everyday?” for a blogpost that offers tips on getting work done efficiently.

Posting frequency: once a week


Announcement posts are more sporadic. It’s not every week your business has a new product launching or an important or urgent update. Despite this, know that you’ll always be prepared to churn up the post instantaneously with Confetto. Simply choose from our wide range of designs and insert your text, then it’ll be ready for download!

Posting frequency: anytime the business has an important announcement

When you’re just starting out, creating business content for Instagram is probably the most brain-wracking activity for you and your team. We know your pain, which is why we’re offering help at no costs (except to spread the word if you like our service)! We can help with your Instagram captions, content generation, and content planning. Just start a free trial with us and get all the support you need!

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