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How To Increase Engagement On Instagram

Tips on creating content to increase engagement on your Instagram.
Jennifer Lam
3-4 minutes

On a platform used by millions of users across the world, you not only have to engage with your community and potential followers, you need to keep people interested. While it may be useful to follow trends or emulate what bigger accounts are doing, it is not pivotal to your marketing strategy on Instagram.

The goal isn’t to increase engagement. Increased engagement is a result of people liking you, your content, and your brand. Hence, your engagement naturally increases when people are interested in what you post, the questions you ask, or the exclusives you offer.

We don’t have any hacks for you, but here’s what we notice about the buzz surrounding certain accounts.


Think of Instagram as a party. Parties get people chatting, asking questions, and throwing compliments around. Others prefer to slip away to corners of the room for their own intimate conversations.

People socialise and become friends.

It’s the same for instagram stories, comments sections, and direct messages (DMs), where people can share, discuss, and personally talk to one another respectively.

Here’s another example: what happens when you see a celebrity that you’re a fan of? Assuming you don’t shy away at such a god-given opportunity, you’ll most probably take many pictures, get their autograph, and tell them you’re their die-hard fan.

The same goes for Instagram influencers, or key opinion leaders, whom you respect. Understandably, it seems intimidating to leave comments or even start a conversation with high-profile leaders. But remember that  you’re not here only as a fan –– you’re a professional with value to offer too.

When you leave comments or messages that prove your competence, the other party is able to see that you’re reaching out in the position of a leader in the same field. Especially if the influencer responds to you publicly, people are curious to know who has the attention of their favourite online personality, and that will drive users to your account.

They may not become followers instantly, but they have at least seen your account. Instagram would also note this increase in traffic from people in your community. By increasing the number of times this cycle repeats, you’re encouraging the algorithm to notice your account as one that is valuable and relevant to users of the community.

IG Story & Live

Nothing beats real-time interaction.

Instagram stories are designed to last only for 24 hours so that people are compelled to make conversations during that time frame. Whether you’re posting a story review or asking questions, the number of people who ‘tap next’ or ‘exit’ your story is a good indicator of how relevant or interesting your content is to them.  

To keep your click-through rate high, create stories that keep people curious or excited. Putting up polls and quizzes are the easiest ways to do it. They keep your followers thinking and involved with what you’re saying.

Another way is to tell them to stick around for more. Yes, literally.

When you have something to reveal, be it a surprise sale or free resources to give out, do not spill everything at the start of your Instagram story or live.

Tease your followers. Excite them. And give people who are not already your followers a reason to come back.

During an 11/11 sale Young Hungry Free held, they kick-started the livestream with a try-on session for their followers. They teased their viewers about an announcement which they’ll make at a later time, and dropped hints as they chatted with them. Such exclusives were for their viewers to know first-hand, but it was also a way to have their followers spread the exciting news to other people.

Many at times, online buzz comes from excitement and suspense. Businesses focus on creating the best teasers because they get more people talking than the actual event does. It’s always pre-event where people are curious for more deets, and post-event where people share their experiences.

TL;DR Make fun conversations. Ask relevant questions.

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