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How to Grow Your Instagram Account From Zero Organically

Growing your Instagram account from zero can be a really daunting process. Your brain constantly harps at you about the things you should do on Instagram to attract new people, but you don’t know what exactly to do and where to begin.
Jennifer Lam
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Growing your Instagram account from zero can be a really daunting process. Your brain constantly harps at you about the things you should do on Instagram to attract new people, but you don’t know what exactly to do and where to begin.

And let’s be real, there is no ‘overnight success’ or ‘secrets’ to growing your Instagram account.

What you can do, however, is to lay the groundwork for your page to be more easily found on Instagram.

Establish your brand

Establishing your brand simply means introducing yourself. When you introduce yourself, make all the important details such as your name and what you do to be visibly obvious.

Create your niche

A niche is a product or service that your brand specialises in and it acts almost like an identity. When people see your brand name, they know exactly what you offer. This is especially important in a highly saturated market – you don’t want to be ‘just another brand’.

If you’re creating an online persona, what do you want to be known for? If you’re establishing a business, what’s one product or service you wish to focus on? If you’re unsure about this, your audience would be just as confused as you.

Distinguish your values

Playing the social media game is always about finding ways to stand out. Apart from telling people what you’re good at, what you care about is equally important to help distinguish your brand. This is what we call values, and your brand values will help form a human connection despite being in a digital space.

Kurve, an Indonesian apparel brand, incorporates confidence as a part of their name and identity.

However, do not force values you don’t resonate with upon your brand. It’s okay if you haven’t thought about them yet. You may gradually realise what they are as you run the business, and it still won’t be too late to introduce them then.

Optimise your bio

Instagram bio is the equivalent of a real life elevator pitch – you only have that few seconds to tell people who you are, what you do, and how you can help.

Here’s what in ours:
- Our brand name, Confetto
- Who we are – an app to help with IG growth
- What we do – automate designs, captions, and content planning for small businesses
- Call to action – link to get a free trial.

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There are no fixed ways to do this, and you can constantly change what’s in your bio as you deem fit. What’s important is to include words that are searchable on Instagram. It’s typically a person’s role or the business category. For example, it could be “SG food blogger”, “social media agency”, or simply “beef ball noodles”.

People who are interested in your product or service would want immediate access to your website. It may even be the only reason why you’re on Instagram – to redirect people to your online store.

If you need to include more than one link, third-party websites such as LinkTree can help to host multiple URLs as well.

Build for the Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is always changing. And as far as we know, following and interacting with your community is the most practical way to expose your brand, and at the same time, train the algorithm to work in your favour.

Instagram’s algorithm analyses the accounts you follow and frequently interact with. If you leave comments on and drop messages to travel bloggers, then Instagram would suggest similar types of travel accounts to you – you get the gist. It is therefore helpful to be acquainted with the community of brands and people you wish to become a part of.

One way is to follow people within your niche, such as your competitors and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the market. These are the accounts your target audience is following. Instagram would then ‘group’ your page within the community and start recommending your account to strangers.

Instead of finding accounts to interact with every day, you can also follow hashtags to see what people are discussing and who are the people in the discussion. Interacting with your community becomes easier then because their posts will automatically surface on your timeline.

Pro Tip: Instagram algorithm favours purposeful comments.

For example, try explaining why you like account X’s content rather than simply commenting “I love this!”

We know to include hashtags in our posts, but how exactly can we make them work effectively for us?

Here’s how to properly use hashtags to grow your followers organically.

Prepare Your Pictures

A full feed (i.e. the 12 latest pictures) will influence your audience’s first impression of your brand account – and we would want that to represent you or the business well.
But representation isn’t necessarily the same as aesthetics.
Representation is how you choose to portray your business. It’s how you want people to perceive your brand. Premium. Quirky. Youthful.  
On the other hand, aesthetics is simply a curated feed of visuals. Depending on how your audience sees the visuals, it can make them feel a certain way. Calm. Excited. Heartwarming.
While aesthetics are important on a photo-sharing platform, it should take the backseat and be guided by the pictures you want to put up. What’s important is that your content stays authentic, useful, and relevant to your followers.

Be strategic about your profile picture

Amidst the millions and millions of faces your audience will see on Instagram, choosing a profile picture has to be intentional and strategic too. It is possible to keep your profile picture fun, simple, yet eye-catching at the same time. Consider these tips:

  1. Bare your face by not wearing any accessories (i.e. sunglasses)
  2. Smile to look more friendly and approachable
  3. Choose a background with a colour that pops

(Businesses would have had their brand logo established as the profile picture across all social media platforms. Hence, this tactic is more applicable to online personas who are literally the face of their business.)

When you’re just starting out, creating content for Instagram is probably the most brain-wracking activity for you and your team. We know your pain, which is why we’re offering help at no costs (except to spread the word if you like our service)!

We can help with your Instagram captions, content generation, and content planning. Just drop us an email and tell us what you need.

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