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How to Grow Followers On Instagram Fast

How Confetto grew from 0 to 1000 followers within months
Jennifer Lam
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In less than 3 months, Confetto grew its number of followers from 0 to 1000 followers on Instagram.

It was tedious, but not impossible.

We polished our Instagram bio, produced content, put up some advertisements, produced more content, and spoke with people.

All of these might sound familiar to you, but what practical steps did we actually take?

Instagram Bio

Introduction forms the first impressions, and (bad) first impressions can be difficult to shake off.

This is why the Instagram bio is the most overlooked, yet most important part of any Instagram business that wishes to gain followers quickly and organically.

When writing your Instagram bio, be specific about the product or service you offer. For example, we encourage jewellery business owners to use “demi-fine jewelleries” instead of “jewelleries”. This helps your account to be more easily found by people who are already looking for your products or services.

In other cases, some people may perceive Instagram bio as something that is set in stone, as something that should be perfected once and for all. But that’s not true. It’s perfectly fine to update the Instagram bio as and when you deem fit.

Confetto has edited and re-edited the bio many times, just so we make sure we’re always clear about who we are and what we do. We have also thus summarised our service into a short and succinct description – “IG Growth App”.

Confetto's Bio is clear cut about what we do as a business

Content Planning

We also have a content planning tool for you, so don’t miss it out. In the meantime, we’ll share our first strategies of content planning and how they changed gradually.

What we did: one reel and one post a day.

During the first 30 days, our focus was to introduce ourselves to the community. We shared why we started Confetto, the type of services we offer, and how we can help small business owners. Posting everyday was not the easiest for us, so we understand why it is difficult to check this off your to-do list too.

What we recommend:

  • Pre-plan 30 days worth of content before your soft launch (or as many as you can).
  • Upload at least one post a day, whether it’s a static image, a reel, or a gif.
  • After 30 days, evaluate your analytics.
  • Adjust your posting schedule and tweak your content accordingly

Pro Tip:
Always make use of the newest Instagram feature

In an effort to promote its new feature, Instagram shows your reels to a larger audience than it would with your pictures. Posting reels can give your account an automatic boost to reach people outside of your community, and even country – it’s free advertising.

Content is at the core of Instagram marketing. If you’re only thinking about your next Instagram post the day before it’s scheduled, then your content would most likely not be up to standard. Pre-planning your posts can help ensure that you have something to upload every single day, minus all the panic and stress from last-minute work.

Pre-planning your content is also a work-efficient strategy. It helps you (and your team) to bounce off ideas from one to another when your minds are already in the creative zone. When you are done planning two week’s worth of content, you have one less thing on your plate for the following week.

What is recommended may not be what works best for you. The key is to choose a strategy, stick to it, and be consistent. Keeping up with the same strategy for 2 to 3 months allows you to see substantial patterns in your analytics, and at the same time give you just enough time to devise a new strategy.

Advertisements (IG Ads)

What we did: 2 new Instagram Ads each week. Each ad ran for 6 days, at SGD$12 per day.

Our goal was to attract the right group of audience fast. Hence, on top of posting content everyday and interacting with our community frequently, we also used Instagram Ads to reach out to people who needed us, but don’t know about us yet.

Since our target audience is global, we had to take into account that the cost of acquisition is different for every country. For example, we realised that more economically developed countries increase the cost per acquisition.

Small but highly targeted ads can increase initial brand awareness

*You can also choose to advertise to a few countries combined with the same budget (i.e. $12/ day for 3 countries)

Instagram advertisements should be used with intention. You can always start with a small budget, then start to increase as you gradually figure out what types of advertisements are most effective for growing followers.

We have something in common, and that’s creating the best products and services for people who need us. Your customers need you, and you need us – else you wouldn’t be here. You have 30 days of trial to explore tools that you’ve been finding for, and tools that you didn’t know you needed.

Whatever you have read in this article can be replicated for your business too. If you need help getting started, drop us an SOS at or on Instagram @helloconfetto.

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