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How to Edit Instagram Pictures Like A Pro

Basic tips and tricks that make your Instagram posts stand out.
Jennifer Lam
4 minutes

The first thing you notice when you visit an Instagram account is its feed. Not surprisingly, that’s where and when you form your first impression. It comes from a combination of the types of content curated, as well as the overall vibes from its aesthetics.

But how do you achieve an aesthetically pleasing feed and get your audience excited about your brand?

Whether you’re using a design template or a picture that was professionally shot, here are some useful design tips that can improve your instagram pictures.

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Colours: palettes and contrast :

What colours do you associate Mcdonalds with?

What about Facebook?

And Grab?

What these companies have in common is strong associations with its brand colours – and that’s what you want for your business too.

Palettes made quite a bit of edits to this section

Colour palettes are helpful in establishing the aesthetics for your feed. More importantly, it helps new audiences form their impression of your brand quickly. And the easiest way to do this is to keep a consistent colour palette. If you’re looking for a free tool to play around with because you don’t know where to begin, Coolors might be useful for you.

Another simple way is to leverage on your brand colours – in fact it never goes wrong. Sticking to your brand colours help followers get acquainted with your brand more quickly. For small business owners who spend extra time choosing your brand colours each time you create a post, we know how tiring (and even unnecessary) the process can be.

This is why having a platform that stores your colours would bring so much more convenience. Not only does Confetto allow you to upload your brand logo and colours, it creates the designs for you too. Like Shop Nost and The Therapeutic Co, you can pick a template and start editing instantly without hassle.

Consistent brand vibe created by some of Confetto's users

Having a consistent palette and a balanced mix of templated graphics and product pictures can enhance visual coherence to the page as well. Let this be the image caption if possible

Pro Tip :
Warm colour palettes generally do better than cold colour palettes. They evoke a sense of excitement to your audience.


Contrast is another important aspect that people tend to overlook. Whether you’re having a professional shoot or creating graphics to post, your message (or products) need to pop. That is to say, you can’t have everything in a single colour or the same shades. Having a distinct colour contrast would make a world of difference, like these:

Example Template by Confetto

Pro Tip: Choose pictures with colours that evoke excitement to advertise on Instagram. Some of these colours include red, yellow, green, and orange.


If you’re including texts in your designs, the fonts you choose play a very important role in retaining your audiences’ attention. Just like picking a colour palette, your brand’s font can help establish and strengthen your brand identity.

Know that there are no right or wrong fonts, only good or poor pairings. Which font pairs the best with your image? Which font compliments your brand identity? These are some questions to think about when you’re creating a post and choosing a font to use.

There are, however, a fool-proof tricks to avoid poor pairings. Combining Sans Serif fonts with Serif typefaces is one method. Alternatively, two different San Serifs fonts go well together too.

Some font combinations that work well for Instagram posts

Pro Trip : If you are pairing a Serif font with a Sans Serif, use the Serif font as the header. But If you choose to pair two Sans Serif together, the typefaces should vary in size (i.e. a fatter font with a thinner font).

Editing Tools

Whether you’re using Lightroom or VSCO on your phone, try as much as possible to stick to one editing software. But first, know your brand aesthetic well and be acquainted with the tool you’re using. You wouldn’t want to end up with an inconsistent feed look because you forgot how you edited the last picture.

If you need to visualise a month’s worth of content on your feed, you can give our Visual Grid Planner (coming soon) a shot! Our 30-day trial includes Visual Grid Planner, a free social media calendar (with recommended content types to post), caption generator, as well as free design templates to use all in one place.

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