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How Often To Post On Instagram For Businesses

Can posting too many times a week be a bad thing? How exactly does Instagram’s algorithm work? What do my audience want to see? Read more to find out.
Jennifer Lam
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Can posting too many times a week be a bad thing? How exactly does Instagram’s algorithm work? What do my audience want to see?

Well well, there’s quite a bit to unpack here. The number of times you want to post on Instagram depends on the type of content you can offer, the amount of time you have, and most importantly, your objective for increased posting frequency. So let’s start with that.

Growing Followers VS Improving Engagement Rate

As much as you want people to love your brand and product or services, growing a fan base and improving engagement rate are two very different objectives. While they are intrinsically linked and not mutually exclusive, we suggest that these be your primary goals.

The difference between curating and creating content is that one is in its source. Content curation is borrowing information from another company or person, while content creation is producing information – be it data or pictures – that are original and from your own company.

Post at least once a day

For small business owners (i.e. accounts with fewer than 1k followers), consistent posting of content is essential to grow your number of followers. While your business may have insufficient content or resources to keep up with content planning, uploading at least once a day is the bare minimum for new businesses to gain followers fast. Not only does it increase brand exposure, Instagram will more likely push your content to the top of your followers’ timeline too.

Later did a study and found that this method is proven successful with an overall increase in both reach and engagement rate.

For medium-sized businesses with more than 1k followers, investing more time and resources into content planning is all the more worth it. Focus, however, on curating useful and quality content instead of superficial or irrelevant information. For example, if you run a hair salon, you may want to offer insights hairdressers know best, such as understanding your scalp health or types of hairstyles suitable for different face shapes.

Another thing for medium-sized businesses to consider is audience fatigue. While there are sufficient resources to produce content fast, posting more than twice a day may lead your followers to scroll past them, reducing the rate of engagement.

In addition, Instagram typically promotes one out of the many posts that you may have in a day or a week. This will lead to only a fraction of your content being seen by your followers on their timeline.


1. Is posting on Instagram everyday bad for my business?
Nope. In fact, Instagram favours accounts that post content frequently and consistently. One thing to note though, is to avoid uploading a succession of photos all in one go. It will come off as spammy, and Instagram will only pick 1 or 2 posts amongst the rest to show your audience.

2. When’s the best day and time to post on Instagram?
Every business is different, so there are no one-size-fit-all criteria for you to follow. However, Instagram offers insights and analytics that your business can leverage on.

3. I don’t have enough content, what should I do?
We don’t believe any business can ever run out of content. One tip we have for you is to list and break down everything you want to tell your audience (about a particular product or service), and separating them into different posts for different days . For example, one day you can talk about the beeswax used to make your candle. The other day you can post about why your beeswax has a different quality than the rest.

Or simply leave it to Confetto, your all-in-one social media assistant to plan, design and publish your content.

4. How can I batch my content for a more consistent posting schedule?
There are many ways to go about doing this, but the fastest way is to come up with content buckets. Content buckets are a way for you to categorise your content. Here are some of the most common and generic content buckets you can easily identify on any brand pages.

These content buckets can be found when you are creating content with Confetto. You will get personalised designs based on each bucket, tailored for your business. Try our free app at

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